Longview Farms, northeast of Nevada, is one of the farms to be visited when an international group of farmers and ag industry leaders come to Iowa June 16-22.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey said that 10 farmers and ag industry leaders from Australia, Brazil, England, Ireland, the Netherlands and New Zealand will make up the group, which is visiting Iowa with Nuffield International, an international nonprofit organization that focuses on developing people to make a difference in the world of agriculture.

“I am excited to welcome this group of international leaders to Iowa and showcase our state. Iowa has dynamic leaders in agricultural production, research, business and many other fields and this is an opportunity to highlight some of the leaders, businesses and organizations that play such an important role in agriculture in Iowa and internationally,” Northey said.

During their time in Iowa, the group members will visit Iowa and national ag organizations, ag businesses, the World Food Prize, Iowa State University and tour a number of farms. Ed Kee, Delaware’s former secretary of agriculture and president of the Nuffield American group, is leading the tour.

Nuffield International includes organizations around the world, including Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe and associate countries Brazil and United States of America. It also has a close affiliation with the Eisenhower Fellowship in the United States. Nuffield International provides general guidance and support to these member countries which manage their individual agricultural scholarship programs. More information about Nuffield International can be found at http://nuffieldinternational.org.