John Kannel and his son, Logan, presented a check for $689.65 to Nevada’s fire chief, Ray Reynolds, last week.

The money was collected in cans that were placed in a number of Nevada businesses over the past year by John and his wife, Kelly. John said the thing that led him to do it was that after last year, some people were talking about why they did or didn’t give to the city’s fireworks display, and someone mentioned that they weren’t asked.

John said it bothered him that anyone would think they needed to be asked, rather than just being willing to give to a good cause. So, he placed donation cans throughout the community to give people an invitation to give. They were placed at Quirks, NuCara, Snacktime, Mi Casita, Time Out, Ace Hardware store, Starbucks and Ben Franklin, John said.

Every so often, the Kannels went to the businesses and picked up the cash donated and deposited it. And last week, they wrote a check for the full amount of the donations and handed it over to Reynolds.

Reynolds was grateful and said that money will help them fully pay for this year’s fireworks, especially since city council opted to give $8,000 this year out of the city’s hotel/motel sales tax funds and since the total bill is around $8,500. In the past, Reynolds said, the city donated $5,000 to the fireworks and other funding came from donations.

Kannel said he and his family were happy to raise these funds this year, but he doesn’t plan to continue doing this. He hopes someone else can take on the project for this coming year. “I’ll supply the buckets,” he said.

This year’s fireworks display and other Fourth of July activities will all take place on Tuesday, July 4. Fireworks will be discharged at the usual location at the city’s SCORE Park, along 19th Street.