Due to construction on Sixth Street, the annual Fourth of July parade will be assembled at a different location and the first part of the usual parade route will be altered.

As announced by the planning committee, the parade will assemble between 9 and 10 a.m. on July 4 at the elementary school parking lot. From there, the parade will proceed down Ninth Street to I Avenue. If the intersection at Sixth and I is blocked, the parade will instead proceed north to J Avenue and then proceed down either I or J to Sixth Street, where it will continue north on Sixth Street to N Avenue.

As in the past, everyone who wants can participate in Nevada’s Fourth of July Parade, which will include local Scouts, veterans and many other groups. There is no cost to participate in this parade; the only requirement is that each group fills out a liability statement at the assembly area - there is no other registration form required.

Questions about the parade can be addressed to Tim McLaughlin of the American Legion, 515-291-3198.