A group of Nevada seventh-grade students got a guided tour by Kris Corbin at the Evergreen Lane/Brigg’s Terrace property in Nevada last week. They were just one group of a bunch of Nevada middle school students, grades five through eight and multi-age classes, to take advantage of a concept called J or M Term, according to Nevada Middle School instructor, Karl Corbin.

Karl Corbin said they started the idea as J-term to cover days around winter break where they would fit in educational experiences that are outside of the regular school setting. It ended up they did some of this in May, so it could be called M Term too, he said.

The idea started last year with seventh-graders. This year, all the other grades took part, and during these special “terms,” students have been all over in many different settings, including stores, the theater, bowling alley, Hickory Grove Park, the Hindu Temple and more. They’ve been doing all kinds of learning experiences, including history, fishing, photography, pool safety, card-making and more.

“What we want the kids to take away from these activities is that everything they do is a learning experience,” Karl Corbin said. “School is just a part of their education. It is to help them better understand what life has to offer outside of school.”