Nevada Middle School student Caleb Gilchrist had a heavy load as he left the school grounds Monday, the last day of the 2016-17 school year. Gilchrist will be in eighth grade next year, and said he was taking his bass home for his dad to fix over the summer. Also on tap this summer, he said, will be baseball, a family trip to New York, relaxation and most importantly, obtaining his driver’s permit. Nevada was the last school in the area let out for summer break. Superintendent Dr. Steve Gray said he guessed that Nevada is “a couple days beyond some neighboring districts … as we had a few full-day teacher leadership days in our calendar.” Those created a few three-day weekends for students and families, he added. Next year, Gray said, “we have taken a couple of those out … and are scheduled to finish earlier (June 1, 2018).” Gilchrist said he thinks school could have gotten out last Friday. “We didn’t do much today,” he said. Photo by Marlys Barker