Sheri Kraus-Gomez said she was awakened at 4:41 a.m. on Saturday, June 3, when she received a phone call from her 28-year-old daughter with her daughter telling her she’d been stabbed.

“As a mom, you wake up and say … ‘What did you say?’ It’s a mother’s worst nightmare,” Gomez said.

Until Gomez got to the hospital to see her daughter, she wasn’t sure what to expect.

The Nevada Public Safety Department said in a press release that they apprehended a former boyfriend of the victim, Douglas Oliver Kelly Jr., 40, at his residence, 710 South 11th St., apartment number B1222. The stabbing incident had taken place at 825 T Ave., Nevada.

According to Nevada Public Safety Director and Chief of Police Ric Martinez, his department was able to act quickly because the victim knew her attacker and where he lived. They arrested him later the same day of the stabbing.

“The first time they went to his house, he didn’t answer,” Martinez said, and the officers could not go in. They returned again after a neighbor called them with information. Finally, Martinez said his department got help from Story County Sheriff’s Office to watch the residence until a warrant could be obtained to search his house, and then Kelly was arrested without incident and taken to jail.

Kelly was being held Monday in the Story County Jail on $100,000 bond. He is charged with attempt to commit murder, going armed with intent, false imprisonment, and obstruction of emergency communications.

Gomez posted a video of the arrest on Facebook and thanked the Nevada police for moving quickly on the matter.

“Our whole family has been pleased with the action of the Nevada police,” Gomez said Sunday evening at Mary Greeley Medical Center, where her daughter, Holly Hogan, remained hospitalized. Gomez said Sunday that her daughter should recover physically from the attack.

Hogan agreed with her mother that the outpouring of support from local residents had been incredible.

“It’s overwhelming how many people have posted,” Gomez said. “Even those who don’t know us and they say, ‘We’re sending you our prayers.’”

Gomez had nothing but great things to say about the Nevada police, the responding paramedics and the staff at Mary Greeley, who she said kept her daughter in a safe place until they knew Kelly had been apprehended. Gomez said her daughter has felt very well taken care of since the incident happened.

The investigation is continuing.

The victim and her family did not want to go into specifics of the incident.

Hogan is employed at Burke Marketing Corporation in Nevada. Gomez said it is likely she won’t be able to return to work for awhile.