From the time he was a kid, Riley Huhn, a 2014 graduate of Nevada High School, has loved mini doughnuts.

“Going to the state fair when I was little, we’d always go to the mini doughnut stand, and I’d eat like 50,” he said.

Now, Huhn is serving up his favorite childhood treats with his own business, Huey’s Mini Donuts. On most Saturday mornings during the summer season, you will find Huhn at the Ames Farmers’ Market in the downtown area.

Now 22, and about to start his senior year at Iowa State University, Huhn said it was two years ago when he looked into starting the doughnut-making venture. The biggest challenge of it all, he said, was filling out the paperwork for licenses and registrations, “and making sure you have all the regulations and inspections done … Learning that on the fly was difficult.”

He also quickly learned that the entire venture before opening day cost him twice as much as he thought it would, but he stuck with it anyway.

“There were a lot of hidden fees that I did not anticipate,” he said. But, “I enjoy it, and it pays pretty well.” The finance and entrepreneur major, with a minor in ag business, who has “no clue” yet what he wants to do full-time in life, said the business has been lucrative enough that it won’t be too much longer before he has everything paid off and is in the black.

Making mini doughnuts seems to roll along at a pretty good pace, as Huhn puts in batter, soon empties out a fresh batch of doughnuts into a cinnamon-sugar mix that will cover them and begins to bag them up by the number: 6 for $3; 12 for $5 or 30 for $10.

He did have an incident last fall that caused him a trip to the emergency room. “I burned myself with a grease spill on my hands and feet,” he said. From that incident, “I just learned to be much more careful and that you don’t leave grease unattended.”

What he loves about the mini doughnut business is pretty much what he felt as a kid. “Seeing people who really, really like them and seeing kids eat like 15 at a time. I think, that’s me when I was a kid. I love that.”

It’s also a fun way to spend time with friends and family who help him. His mom, Marce, is his regular front line sales person. “I love meeting the people and just talking to people and being a promoter of the product,” Marce said. “I’m the out-front people gal.”

She has learned that there are regular customers at the farmers’ market and she likes seeing them come back.

She also loves the Ames Farmers’ Market in general. “It’s like a little mini Des Moines event,” she said. “I look forward to it every Saturday, but by 1:30, my feet are tired.”

Huhn said he sometimes does a few other events during the year, and he’s always open to be a vendor at special events for people and businesses.

While he doesn’t eat mini doughnuts very much now that he’s around them so much, he’s glad there are lots of people who love them and keep this little business venture of his going.