Country House owners John and Sandy Fritz of Colo are excited about how far they’ve come on the second addition to their little restaurant along Highway 30.

The first addition was on the east side of the building, when they added square footage for more storage room space, kitchen space and bathrooms.

The second, and more recent addition, has been their banquet room on the west side of the building, where they have gradually been replacing white tables, which Sandy felt were “cold,” with warm, inviting, family style wooden furniture.

It would have taken way more money than they could spend to go buy all new wooden pieces, so John said the couple, which has been serving food at Wilson’s auctions in town, began buying pieces at Wilson’s auctions. This has provided them with great deals on many wooden tables and chairs, along with other stunning pieces, like antique buffets, china closets and dressers that fit nicely with their warm, family feeling in that room.

All that’s left, Sandy jokes, is to get Joanna Gaines, the interior designer on the television show, “Fixer Upper,” to come and help them finish the decor. “I just love how she mixes new things with older things,” Sandy said. “I would love to have her come here.”

With the ability to have Gaines come being pretty unlikely, Sandy said “her girls,” as she calls the female restaurant workers, mentioning that for many reasons she’d be lost without them, have added their own touches as Sandy finds things for the room. The new room, complete with a fireplace, is looking more filled in all the time.

With doors that divide it off from the main coffee shop, the banquet room is ideal for special gatherings, but has also become a great place to seat large groups, which often come in on Sundays for the restaurant’s noon meal, which is served family-style.

“We have a long way to go yet,” said Sandy about fully completing the room, but it is looking more complete all the time and has doubled the seating space of the overall restaurant.