Kevin Cooper’s animal science students traveled to the Justin Stevenson farm to learn about sheep production and lamb management. Students walked into the main barn and learned what quality forage is. A hayrack was stacked with square bales of grass-alfalfa mix that had excellent color and an aroma of freshness conducive to palatability. Justin demonstrated tail docking and castration utilizing the banding method. Also covered was a lamb vaccination protocol, including vaccinating for tetanus and enterotoxemia (over-eating) utilizing a multivalent Bar Vac CD-T. The Stevensons raise purebred Southdown sheep that are noted for strong maternal characteristics. Students then were able to enter one of the pens and pick up lambs, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Justin Stevenson was born and raised in the sandhills of Nebraska on a 4,000 acre cattle ranch. Justin’s daughter Rylee is in the animal science class and a member of Nevada FFA.