Nevada High School agriculture education students and FFA members traveled to the Frank McLain farm east of Nevada on Wednesday, Feb. 23, to help with cleaning out some sheds of used metal and equipment. Kevin Cooper, Nevada High School ag ed instructor and FFA advisor, took a trailer to the McLain farm on Saturday, Feb. 20, for loading and hauling out the metal and steel. The Nevada FFA trailer was also needed on Feb. 23 for additional recycled metal and a MDS rock bucket with John Deere quick-attach brackets.

McLain presented the students and Nevada FFA with a check for $350. Cooper headed to Bell’s Salvage with a load of recycled metal on Feb. 24 and that load paid $47.74 in copper and steel. The MDS rock bucket was separated and serviced in the high school agriculture mechanics lab. Cooper found a buyer in eastern Iowa by late Friday afternoon, using Internet resources. Ag mechanics students straightened several of the rock bucket tines, and removed a bent reinforcement piece that was not OEM.

On Monday, Feb. 28, the Alburnett-area farmers arrived with a check for $300 to purchase the rock bucket, and they were pleased with the purchase. Cooper loaded the MDS rock bucket with the FFA John Deere 480 all-terrrain forklift in a matter of minutes. The final load of recycled metal brought around $19. “Well, within six days, total revenue was $716 — not bad” stated Cooper.

On Feb. 27, over 65 Nevada agriculture education students and FFA members wrote, signed and mailed thank-yous to Frank McLain and to Eldon and Duane Pfab. On Tuesday, Feb. 28, a lime spreader was also sold for $75 to David Bartling of Beaman-Conrad, bringing total revenue to $791 for the McLain cleanup and resale.