This week Friday is our usual card tournament day. Since the weather hasn’t improved much since last month, we may as well enjoy playing cards for the afternoon. We usually start playing just after 1 p.m. and finish our last game about 3:30. We are looking for more Bridge players and always welcome additional 500 players as well. If we have an odd number of players, we have been known to throw in a game of cribbage.

If you are at the Center right after lunch on Tuesdays, you will hear the dominoes start clicking on the tables. That group doesn’t waste any time getting the game started. Another game that works for any amount of players is "golf" with cards. It is a quick game with no bidding, so you do not have to be familiar with card games to play. I see people playing a couple games of that while waiting for something else to get started.

We are always open to different games so if you have a favorite, please stop by the Center and teach it to us. I played some "Hand and Foot" while in Florida, so I’m hoping we can get a regular day set aside for those who would like to play that. Unlike "golf" it takes longer to play and is quite a bit more detailed, but is fun if you like a little challenge.

Some of you had signed up for a class sponsored by Resources on Aging. It was to start in a couple weeks, but at this time it is on hold because they have not found a leader who can work into our schedule. I will let you know if it gets back on the schedule.

Our Bingo day will come up quickly in April because the first Thursday is on the 3rd. I hope those of you who were newcomers in March will plan to return this month. We start playing at 2 p.m.