By the time you read this article we should be back in Nevada. Several people have called to say that it has still been very cold and we should stay in Florida longer, but we are trusting that it is going to get better. You certainly deserve spring to come early this year.

Our potluck dinner will be on Monday, the 10th, and I’m so looking forward to visiting with all of you. Dan Huynh, who purchased Jeanne Coverdale’s quilt shop on airport road, will be our guest speaker. Our family has known Dan and her family since she came to Nevada from Vietnam and started working for Jeanne in the small quilt shop on Lincolnway. I think you will be fascinated by her story of success in America.

March 13 will be our regular movie day when we will be watching "Lee Daniels,The Butler," starring Forest Whitaker as the butler and Oprah Winfrey as his wife. This movie is based on a true story of a butler who served for five presidents from Eisenhower to Reagen and how each president dealt with the progression of the civil rights movement. It is also a drama between a father who is dedicated to the president, and a son who is very involved with bringing about civil rights during the ’60s. This is an outstanding movie so even if you saw it when it came out last fall, I would recommend seeing it again. When we saw it the first time I said, "This is definitely a movie that I need to see twice." There is no cost to come to our movie day, and we usually watch movies which have recently been released to DVD. Plan to come by about 1:15 so we can get the movie started right at 1:30.

See you next week and I’ll bring home a little sunshine.