Well, the first few days in Florida were very cold and rainy, but today, Sunday, it is 83, so I guess it was worth the trip. We are enjoying going out to do things in our summer clothes.

I heard that there were several tables of card players on Friday for tournament day at the Center. I’m sure the weather was cold, the cards were great and the treats were delicious. Someone invited Rog and me to play at our clubhouse on Mondays, so I guess we will go up and try our luck.

Let’s hope that the weather cooperates again for potluck day on the 10th. We have escaped any bad weather for all of our potlucks so far this winter. Storyteller Dan Bagley will present the program this month. I have heard good reviews from people who have heard Dan and other story tellers at events in both Ames and Nevada. I know that the Friday night gospel fest, held at our Center on the second Friday evening each month, often has story teller participants. This will be something new for our group.

Shelly Thompson, director of the Zearing Care Center, will also attend our potluck, to invite you to a Bingo event at our Center on March 6. Watch for further details about this.

Oh yes, and movie day is still going to be on Thursday, the 13th at 1:30. You will be watching a very good older movie this month, "October Sky" about some teen aged boys who are obsessed with inventing a rocket. I’m sure you will like it.