The Iowa State Patrol would like to remind drivers that winter driving will be upon us. We need to remember that our vehicles respond differently in cold weather. There are several ways to keep ourselves safe in the winter time.

1. Make sure your vehicle is tuned up and ready for winter.

2. Always have at least a half a tank of gas. You may need the fuel of you get stuck in the snow.

3. Ask yourself "do I really need to go out in this weather"? If the trip can wait, then wait.

4. Make sure you have supplies in the vehicle - canned easy-to-open food, bottled water, first aid kit and flashlight.

5. Have extra blankets, gloves, hats or clothes in the car.

6. If you must travel, call ahead to check out the road condition. Let someone know your route.

7. Dial 511 or visit before you travel.

8. Slow down, don’t be in a hurry. Just because a speed limit is posted doesn’t mean you need to go that fast.

9. Drive defensively; watch out for the other driver.

10. Above all, always wear your seatbelt.