Nevada Rotary

Nevada Rotary met on Jan. 22 at the Indian Creek Country Club. Reports were given and we welcomed three visiting Rotarians from Ames and three other guests. Al Kockler was inducted as a Paul Harris Fellow and awarded with a certificate and pin.

The program was given by Steve Gray, titled "Preparing Learners of Today for Tomorrow." He mentioned 20 tips for a positive new year by John Gordan ( He shared inspiring stories about maintaining a positive attitude and positive culture. Say to yourself, "I get to go to work today" instead of "I have to go to work today," since there are many individuals wishing they had a job. Steve found our community has very strong and steady traditions. He knows we can always improve, so he sat down with each employee of Nevada schools and listened to their ideas, concerns and comments on how to make our community/schools better. Common themes included:

1. The importance of improving K–fourth grade reading levels…. when kids leave Central Elementary, they need to able to read. One solution may be to restart summer school sessions.

2. Our high school kids are now competing on a global scale. Future employers will not be asking WHAT they know, but how they can USE what they know. Our kids are growing up in a very different world than we did. We need to tailor our teaching to enable success.

3. Personnel issues (English language learner classes have doubled in size).

4. Facility issues

5. At Risk Students

6. Professional Development

7. …… and many more

Thank you, Steve, for the inspiring stories and for your care and concern for our schools!

Nevada Golden K Kiwanis

President-Elect Gwen Frese introduced guest speaker, Sally Barclay from the ISU Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, to the 20 members present at the Jan. 28 meeting. Mrs. Barclay discussed the nutritional requirements most important to older adults.

Seniors should follow the most recent food plate guidelines requiring healthy portions of fruit, grains, vegetables and protein. One half of one’s plate should consist of a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. These plant based foods provide fiber and antioxidants, reduce inflammation in the body, and are lower in calories.

Protein from lean meats, fish, dairy products, beans, nuts and seeds is needed to build and maintain muscle mass and strong bones. Protein consumption also helps the body produce healthy blood and skin cells.

Despite the push for low fat diets, Mrs. Barclay stressed the need to eat healthy fats from sources such as salmon, sardines, canola and olive oils, and nuts to decrease the risks of strokes and of developing heart disease.

Healthy food choices can supply vitamins B-12 and D and minerals such as calcium and potassium needed to control blood pressure, regulate heart rhythms and prevent serious diseases among other benefits.

To end her presentation, Mrs. Barclay answered several questions and recommended the website,, as a good nutrition information source.

In recognition of a recent monetary contribution to the Kiwanis International Foundation, Golden K received an Annual Club Gift banner patch.

Lynn Gaulke won the 50/50 drawing at the close of the meeting.